Ruxcon 2013 – Introspy Presentation Slides

This research was originally presented at: Ruxcon 2013

Ruxcon 2013 – Introspy Presentation Slides

27 Oct 2013 – Alban Diquet

Update: Introspy for Android is now available; we’ve also updated the slides with additional information regarding the tool.

The slides for the Introspy: Security Profiling for Blackbox iOS and Android presentation from Ruxcon 2013 are now available.

The presentation was given by Marc Blanchou and Alban Diquet, and introduces a tool designed to facilitate the black-box testing of iOS and Android applications.

  • Slides can be downloaded below
  • Introspy’s project page is available here

Only the iOS version is currently available; we will update this blog post as soon as we release the Android tool.

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