iOS certificate pinning code updated for iOS 7

This research was originally performed by researchers from iSec Partners (now NCC Group), and has been migrated to for posterity.

iOS certificate pinning code updated for iOS 7

01 Feb 2014 – Alban Diquet

We’ve updated the iOS certificate pinning code which is part of iSEC’s SSL Conservatory project on Github. This new version brings the following changes:

  • The Xcode project was re-created as a static library (instead of an iOS App) to facilitate integration. Sample code demonstrating how to use the library has been moved the project’s unit tests.
  • A new convenience delegate class for NSURLSession, the HTTP connection framework introduced in iOS 7, was added to the project. Similarly to the existing convenience class for NSURLConnection this class makes it easy to add certificate pinning to connections relying on NSURLSession.

Project page

Code and instructions are available on the project’s Github page.

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