Tool Release: DIBF Tool Suite

This research was originally performed by researchers from iSec Partners (now NCC Group), and has been migrated to for posterity.

DIBF Tool Suite

16 Apr 2014 – Nicolas Guigo

Introducing iSEC Partners’ Windows driver testing suite. The source, binaries and example output are available at under the GPLv2 license. Currently three tools are included:

DIBF – Dynamic IOCTL Brute-Forcer (and fuzzers)

This tool encompasses two distinct features. It guesses the IOCTL values that the driver accepts, and also their valid size limitations, and stores the results are in a file for future reuse. The second feature is composed of 3 dumb fuzzers: a pure random fuzzer, a sliding DWORD fuzzer and a fully asynchronous fuzzer. Any combination of the 3 fuzzers can be run sequentially, and numerous options can be set from the command line, including time limits for each fuzzer run, the maximum number of failed requests in a row (indicating further fuzzing might be pointless due to lack permission for instance) and the verbosity level. Any fuzzer run can be stopped cleanly with ctrl-c, and upon completion cumulative statistics are displayed. See the README and usage for more information on all options and features.

IOSEND – sending single IOCTL to a driver

This is a tool intended for proofing vulnerabilities and is meant to be used in conjunction with a hex editor. Once the request of interest has been crafted in the editor, this utility will send it to the driver using command line parameters. The response gets sent to stdout.

IOCODE – simple encoding/decoding utility for IO codes

This very simple tool encodes and decodes windows IOCTL control codes. It provides a user-friendly way to deal with IO encoding of device types, function number, transfer method and access type.

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