Launching the first in our series of Research Insights

NCC Group has the largest commercial security assessment team in the world, and so we have significant exposure to technologies across every sector. Therefore, we have decided to start a series of whitepapers, drawing from our experience, which will provide Research Insight into a selection of these technologies and sectors, highlighting some of the trends we are seeing from a security perspective.

Over the coming months we will cover topics including:

Sector Focus: Financial Services

In the first paper, Matt Lewis provides some insight into the trends we are seeing in our industry, including how people are attacking systems, defensive measures that are being employed and how those within financial services are dealing with the current threats.

Defensive Trends

James Eaton-Lee will discuss some of the defensive trends we are seeing:

“Defensive measures in information security have always required that we make the best assessment as to where to make the most decisive use of finite resources. People, training, tool, and systems may all compete for budget and as the threat landscape changes, information security practitioners are increasingly faced with a larger potential number of places where effort may be brought to bear…”

How we are breaking in: Mobile Security

Thomas Cannon will cover some examples of how we regularly encounter security weaknesses in the mobile technologies and associated apps we test:

“The proliferation of personal and business use of mobile devices has created a strong demand for mobile security assurance. Mobile apps and devices can suffer from many of the same vulnerabilities as traditional systems but also require new approaches to security testing and risk assessment…”

To read the first in the series ‘Sector Focus: Financial Services’ Click here 

Published date:  09 December 2014

Written by:  Andy Davis

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