Trust in the Internet Survey

Online retail has established itself as a colossal industry in a relatively short space of time.

The first online transaction was made 20 years ago and involved the sale of an album by Sting costing $12.48 (€8.25) plus shipping costs.

But at the same time, we’ve seen an industry grow in tandem. Cyber crime.

This is big business too. It’s difficult to put a definitive price on it but some estimates put the cost to the global economy at $445bn (£290.3bn). And retail businesses have found themselves in the firing line. Big breaches at the likes of Target, Home Depot and Staples have put the industry firmly in the spotlight.

Consumers are spending online. And hackers are targeting consumers. But when will data breaches and credit card fraud start to affect what consumers do online?

This discussion paper explores the consumer attitudes of shopping and banking online. It details and examines a poll we carried out in collaboration with IDG Research Services into consumers’ online behaviours and their perceptions around online security.

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