Threat Intelligence: Benefits for the Enterprise

Today we have released a new whitepaper titled: ‘Threat Intelligence: Benefits for the Enterprise’. This paper builds on a number of supporting blog posts we’ve published over the last seven months, namely:

In this new publication we cover a number of high-level topics for those who have, or plan to have, a threat intelligence function within their organisation and are looking to understand what good looks like.

  • Threat intelligence: a maturing defence differentiator
  • Understanding the types of threat intelligence: for generic to the specific
  • Using threat intelligence in the enterprise: deriving value

Download the whitepaper

The last of these areas is critical to any maturing capability as doing something for something sake without a good understanding of what the expected return on investment should be is a poor investment. We outline how threat intelligence can address a number of very real organisational cyber security challenges whilst also discussing a number of dependencies to allow the organisation to action any intelligence.

The intended audience of the paper is decision makers, strategists and architects who are looking to understand how threat intelligence can enrich their cyber resilience strategy now and in the future.

If you have any questions I can be contacted at ollie dot whitehouse at nccgroup dot trust.

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