Detecting Mimikatz with Busylight

In 2015 Raphael Mudge released an article [1] that detailed that versions of mimikatz released after 8th of October, 2015 had a new module that was utilising certain types of external USB devices to flash lights in different colours if mimikatz was executed. The technique presented in the article required certain kind of busylights that … Continue reading Detecting Mimikatz with Busylight

Whitepaper – Project Triforce: Run AFL On Everything (2017)

Six years ago, NCC Group researchers Tim Newsham and Jesse Hertz released TriforceAFL - an extension of the American Fuzzy Lop (AFL) fuzzer which supports full-system fuzzing using QEMU - but unfortunately the associated whitepaper for this work was never published. Today, we’re releasing it for the curious reader and historical archives alike. While fuzzing … Continue reading Whitepaper – Project Triforce: Run AFL On Everything (2017)

Tool Release – Project Kubescout: Adding Kubernetes Support to Scout Suite

tl;dr You can now have Scout Suite scan not only your cloud environments, but your Kubernetes clusters. Just have your kubeconfig ready and run the following commands: $ pip3 install --user $ scout kubernetes Background NCC Group’s Container Orchestration Security Service (COSS) practice regularly conducts Kubernetes cluster configuration reviews spanning platform-managed Kubernetes clusters across … Continue reading Tool Release – Project Kubescout: Adding Kubernetes Support to Scout Suite

A Guide to Improving Security Through Infrastructure-as-Code

Modern organizations evolved and took the next step when they became digital. Organizations are using cloud and automation to build a dynamic infrastructure to support more frequent product release and faster innovation. This puts pressure on the IT department to do more and deliver faster. Automated cloud infrastructure also requires a new mindset, a change … Continue reading A Guide to Improving Security Through Infrastructure-as-Code

Tool Release – ScoutSuite 5.12.0

We are excited to announce the release of a new version of our open-source, multi-cloud auditing tool ScoutSuite (on Github)! This version includes multiple bug fixes, dependency updates and feature enhancements for AWS, Azure and GCP. It also adds and updates several rules for these three cloud providers, alongside improved finding templates and descriptions. The … Continue reading Tool Release – ScoutSuite 5.12.0

Sharkbot is back in Google Play 

Authored by Alberto Segura (main author) and Mike Stokkel (co-author) Editor's note: This post was originally published on the Fox-IT blog. Introduction  After we discovered in February 2022 the SharkBotDropper in Google Play posing as a fake Android antivirus and cleaner, now we have detected a new version of this dropper active in the Google … Continue reading Sharkbot is back in Google Play 

Conference Talks – September/October 2022

Throughout September and October, members of NCC Group will be presenting their work at SANS CyberThreat, 44CON, ResponderCon, BSides St John's, ICMC, DevOps World, RootCon, Hexacon, and NL. Ollie Whitehouse & Eric Shamper, "Enterprise IR:Live Free, live large" to be presented at Sans CyberThreat (September 12-13 2022) NCC Group, "Mastering Container Security," training to … Continue reading Conference Talks – September/October 2022

SETTLERS OF NETLINK: Exploiting a limited UAF in nf_tables (CVE-2022-32250)

Introduction netlink and nf_tables Overview Sets Expressions Set Expressions Stateful Expressions Expressions of Interest nft_lookup nft_dynset nft_connlimit Vulnerability Discovery CVE-2022-32250 Analysis Set Creation Set Deactivation Initial Limited UAF Write Exploitation Building an Initial Plan Offsets We Can Write at Into the UAF Chunk Hunting for Replacement Objects What Pointer Do We Want to Arbitrary Free? … Continue reading SETTLERS OF NETLINK: Exploiting a limited UAF in nf_tables (CVE-2022-32250)

Writing FreeBSD Kernel Modules in Rust

At present all major operating system kernels are written in C/C++, languages which provide no or minimal assistance in avoiding common security problems. Modern languages such as Rust provide better security guarantees by default and prevent many of the common classes of memory safety security bugs. In this post we will take a brief look … Continue reading Writing FreeBSD Kernel Modules in Rust

Tool Release – JWT-Reauth

[Editor’s note: This post is a part of our blog series from our NCC Group summer interns! You can see more posts from consultants in our internship program here.] When testing APIs with short-lived authentication tokens, it can be frustrating to login every few minutes, taking up a consultant's time with an unnecessary cut+paste task … Continue reading Tool Release – JWT-Reauth