Tool Release – Socks Over RDP

Introduction Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used to create an interactive session on a remote Windows machine. This is a widely used protocol mostly used by Administrators to remotely access the resources of the operating system or network based services. As penetration testers we frequently find ourselves in a situation where the only access that … Continue reading Tool Release – Socks Over RDP

Tool Release – ScoutSuite 5.8.0

Quick note to say we've released ScoutSuite 5.8.0 on Github with the following features: Improved support for AWS Added support for KMS Added basic support for Secrets Manager Simplified evaluation of IAM policies in multiple rules Improved support for Azure Added support for App Service Web Apps Added support for Security Center Compliance Results Added … Continue reading Tool Release – ScoutSuite 5.8.0

Tool Release – Collaborator++

When testing for out-of-band vulnerabilities, Collaborator has been an invaluable tool since its initial release in 2015. By acting as a HTTP, DNS and SMTP server, Collaborator allows researchers to identify complex out-of-band interactions between target applications and external services aiding in the discovery of vulnerabilities such as server-side request forgery (SSRF), XML external entity … Continue reading Tool Release – Collaborator++

Tool Release – Enumerating Docker Registries with go-pillage-registries

Containerization solutions are becoming increasingly common throughout the industry due to their vast applications in logically separating and packaging processes to run consistently across environments. Docker represents these processes as images by packaging a base filesystem and initialization instructions for the runtime environment. Developers can use common base images and instruct Docker to execute a … Continue reading Tool Release – Enumerating Docker Registries with go-pillage-registries