Tool Release – Solitude: A privacy analysis tool

Created by Dan Hastings and Emanuel Flores Solitude is an open source privacy analysis tool that enables you to conduct your own privacy investigations into where your private data goes once it leaves your web browser or mobile device. Whether a curious novice or a more advanced researcher, Solitude makes the process of evaluating an … Continue reading Tool Release – Solitude: A privacy analysis tool

Conference Talks – December 2020

Editor's note: Updated December 14th 2020 to include CCC presentation and December 16th 2020 to include No cON Name presentation. This month, members of NCC Group will be presenting their work at the following conferences: Jon Szymaniak, "Guiding Engineering Teams Toward a More Secure Usage of U-Boot," to be presented at the Open Source Firmware … Continue reading Conference Talks – December 2020