Understanding Ransomware

Our Cyber Defence Operations team, led by David Cannings, has published a new whitepaper on understanding ransomware. It looks at the impact, evolution and defensive strategies that can be employed by organisations.

While the paper is primarily focused on Microsoft Windows due to the historic prevalence and devastating impact on ransomware on this platform, it also focuses on mobile devices and Apple Mac OS X.

The paper will be useful to organisations that wish to understand what the problem is and what they can reasonably do about it through a mixture of policy and procedure, user education and technical mitigations.

It is also worth mentioning that the contributors to this paper span NCC Group both in terms of geography (North America and Europe) and divisions (Cyber Defence Operations and Security Consultancy Services).

The paper can be downloaded here.

Published date:  14 July 2014

Written by:  David Cannings

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