WSSiP: A Websocket Manipulation Proxy

WSSiP is a tool for viewing, interacting with, and manipulating WebSocket messages between a browser and web server. WebSockets themselves are a newer option for client-side JavaScript code that allows browsers to connect to the web server in order to signify that the connection should be a TCP connection. As defined by IETF RFC 6455, the goal of WebSockets is to “provide a mechanism for browser-based applications that need two-way communication with servers that does not rely on opening multiple HTTP connections (e.g., using XMLHttpRequest or <iframe>s and long polling).” The final draft of the specification was published in December 2011. Data is dispatched in “messages” that can either be sent via regular ASCII text or in raw binary.

Download the tool on NCC Group’s GitHub.

Read more about the WSSiP tool on the blog

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