Public Report – VPN by Google One Security Assessment

During the summer of 2022, Google engaged NCC Group to conduct a security assessment of VPN by Google One. VPN by Google One is a service that increases connection security and privacy to end users. Google provides several clients covering the most widely used operating systems; these VPN clients provide both encrypted transit and IP address dissociation for packets between users’ devices and the VPN servers.

The product’s security and privacy goals, as stated in the product’s whitepaper, are:

  • “We focus on three core principles: keeping our users’ information secure, treating it responsibly, and putting our users in control.”
  • “With VPN by Google One, we will never use the VPN connection to track, log, or sell your online activity.”
  • “A Google-grade VPN that provides additional security and privacy to online connectivity without undue performance sacrifices.”

The public report for this review may be downloaded below:

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