Tool Release – ScoutSuite 5.8.0

Quick note to say we’ve released ScoutSuite 5.8.0 on Github with the following features:

  • Improved support for AWS
    • Added support for KMS
    • Added basic support for Secrets Manager
    • Simplified evaluation of IAM policies in multiple rules
  • Improved support for Azure
    • Added support for App Service Web Apps
    • Added support for Security Center Compliance Results
    • Added support for Security Center Regulatory Compliance Results
  • Improved support for GCP
    • Improved partials and finding rationales
    • Scans should complete much faster
  • Improved support for OCI
    • Improved error handing
    • Support for scanning arbitrary compartments
  • Improved Open Source project’s processes
    • Issue and PR templates
    • CI/CD deployment, with the addition of autopep8
  • Added a --list-services option to list available services to scan
  • A bunch of bug fixes

This release can be downloaded from Github for documentation etc. see the main repo page.

For those wanting a Software-as-a-Service version we also offer Scout as a Service via Cloud Account Monitoring from NCC Group.

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