Mallory: Transparent TCP and UDP Proxy

Welcome to the home of Mallory! Mallory is a transparent TCP and UDP proxy. It can be used to get at those hard to intercept network streams, assess those tricky mobile web applications, or maybe just pull a prank on your friend.

You are probably here to get Mallory up and running. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. We recommend using VMware and our pre-built virtual machine. Once you have the virtual machine you will want to follow the MalloryMinimal VM Guide. If you have any questions we have a Google Groupdedicated to support issues. Or you can find us on twitter (@bitexploder and@d1ab1069)

Once you get things working in VMware reliably you can get Mallory running on any Ubuntu machine. We often set Mallory up on netbooks that have Wireless cards that support AP mode. This provides a nice testing environment. However, if your wireless card/driver combination does not support AP mode Ad-Hoc mode should work for most device testing. Read the Mallory and Me blog post for more details on setting Mallory up on real hardware.



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