NCC Group’s Juan Garrido named to Microsoft’s MSRC Office Security Researcher Leaderboard

Congratulations to NCC Group researcher Juan Garrido, who was recently named amongst Microsoft’s most valuable security researchers on the MSRC 2022 Q1 Security Researcher Leaderboard!

This honour, recognized quarterly by the Microsoft Researcher Recognition Program, is offered to security researchers who have discovered and shared security vulnerabilities in Microsoft products under coordinated vulnerability disclosure.

Juan Garrido received this recognition for finding and reporting issues such as:

  • Client Access Rules Bypass in Exchange Online
  • Network location Bypass for SharePoint Online
  • XSS in Teams dial in web application

Congratulations to Juan Garrido, as well as all of the MSRC Office Security Researcher Leaders for 2022 Q1!

Juan Garrido
Juan Garrido

Managing Security Consultant at NCC Group

Juan has also written several technical books and security tools including VOYEUR and AZUCAR, has been recognized by Microsoft as MVP for over five years, and has spoken at many renowned conferences including RootedCon, DEFCON, GsickMinds, BlackHat, BSides and Troopers.

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