DIBF – Updated

This tool encompasses two distinct features. It guesses the IOCTL values that the driver accepts and also their valid size limitations and store the results are in a file for future reuse. The second feature is comprised of 3 dumb fuzzers: a pure random fuzzer, a sliding DWORD fuzzer and an asynchronous fuzzer. You can run any combination of the 3 sequentially and can set time limits for each fuzzer run. The sync fuzzers will also warn you if too many requests fail in a row (indicating further fuzzing might be pointless due to lack permission for instance) and the async fuzzer allows you to set the percentage of requests to attempt cancelation on and the concurrency level (how many pending requests at once). Other features include control over the verbosity level and the ability to stop any fuzzer run cleanly with ctrl-c. Upon completion each fuzzer will display cumulative statistics.

To download the tool, please visit our Github page here.

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