Hacking the Extensible Firmware Interface


  • The role of the BIOS
  • Attacking a legacy BIOS
  • Limitations of the legacy BIOS
  • Introduction to the EFI environment
  • Attacking the EFI environment
  • UEFI, summary and conclusions

Some Caveats…

  • This talk is about rootkit persistenceThis persistence
    • How to deploy a rootkit from the BIOS/EFIHow EFI
    • Not concerned with what the rootkit actually does
  • This talk is not about Trusted ComputingThis Computing……
    • EFI spec does not mandate TPMEFI TPM
  • Some attacks may require physical accessSome access
    • And most require root accessAnd access
    • Could be deployed as a blended attack
    • e.g. browser bug –> escalation to kernel > –> firmware
  • Parts of this research are still work in progress…

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Author: John Heasman

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