Tcpprox is a simple command line tcp proxy written in Python. It is designed to have very minimal requirements – it runs directly from Python (tested in Python 2.7) from a single source file (unless the auto-certificate option is used).

When running, the proxy accepts incoming TCP connections and copies data to a TCP connection to another machine. Options allow for SSL and IPv6 connections and for the logging of all data. Data is logged in a format that preserves connection, timing and direction information and a small utility is provided to dump out the information in various formats. A small utility is also provided for generating CA and SSL certificates. This utility is the only component that relies on an external python library, but it can be run on a different machine if necessary.

In comparison with other TCP proxy tools, tcpprox is:

  • simpler.
  • built to support both IPv6 and IPv4.
  • able to auto-generate SSL certificates.
  • capable of extensive logging in different formats.

Check it out on our Github page:

Posted by Tim Newsham

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