Managing PowerShell in a modern corporate environment

Following from our recent CISO research council, our research team have put together this whitepaper, which explores the use of PowerShell in a modern corporate environment and how to mitigate the associated threats.

Since its incarnation in 2006, PowerShell has grown to be a powerful and extensible management tool, allowing for large-scale automation of system administration and maintenance tasks with ease.

However, analysis by Carbon Black of several breach reports identified that nearly 38 per cent of recent cyberattacks made use of PowerShell in some form. In addition, a large number of affected organisations did not detect the use of PowerShell until it was identified during post-incident response activities. The data gathered by Carbon Black also revealed that social engineering was the favoured delivery technique for malicious PowerShell payloads.

Read the whitepaper to learn more about PowerShell and how to reduce or identify the misuse of the management tool within an organisation.

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