PeachFarmer facilitates fuzz testing in the cloud. PeachFarmer is designed to be used in conjunction with the Peach fuzzing framework. Peach allows the user to split up a fuzzing job among many machines, but does not offer a built-in way to gather the logs and crash dumps from all these separate machines. PeachFarmer offers a way for users to collect all of their fuzzing results both quickly and easily.

PeachFarmer consists of two main components:

  • RemoteHarvester – A minimal server that runs on each of the remote fuzzing instances. It listens for connections and provides the client with any new log files the client does not already have.
  • PeachFarmerClient – Runs on the user’s local machine and connects to each of the RemoteHarvester servers to retrieve the fuzzing output. The client then aggregates all of the files into a single location on the local machine.

The project is hosted on GitHub at the following URL:

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