Welcome to the Intrepidus Group Tattler project information page. Tattler is aSkype power tool that lets users track and monitor message modification in Skype. Tattler also provides a shell to the raw Skype API commands to allow for the manipulation and monitoring of many other Skype behaviors and activities.


  • See all deleted chat messages
  • See all edits made to chat messages
  • System tray notification on message edit/delete
  • Configurable message logging
  • Raw Skype API command log
  • Send Skype API commands directly

Skype is constantly adding new features. Some of these features give users a false sense of control over certain aspects of Skype behavior. Newer versions of Skype allow users to edit and delete chat messages they have sent. This feature allows Skype users to correct grammatical mistakes and redact accidental messages. Additionally, sensitive data, such as a password, that is accidentally pasted into Skype can be deleted before the other members of a chat can see the error. This is where Tattler comes in. Tattler provides a notification and the contents of the modification any time a message is edited or deleted.

Tattler users are empowered to easily see what someone may have changed their mind about. Tattler works by collecting, and holding in memory, the messages for each chat independent of Skype.  When it detects a new message it compares this message against its own internal database of messages it has collected. Tattler is highly configurable and designed to respect your privacy. Another key feature of Tattler is that it gives power users the ability to send raw Skype API commands. More information can be found at the Skype website under their Skype API documentation pages.

Download Tattler: Source Forge Files. The latest release is v0.9.1 BETA. Tattler currently only has prebuilt binaries for Windows.

For the Tattler source code visit Source Forge Project page.

Additional Screenshot: Main Window

If you have any questions or have found a bug please emailigtattler@intrepidusgroup.com

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