Ragweed is our native code debugging library written in Ruby. It runs on Win32, OSX and Linux. That’s right, we implemented a native code debugger from the ground up using nothing but Ruby and FFI. You read that right, no 3rd party dependencies! Ragweed can be used to build powerful tools such as scriptable debuggers and hit tracers. You can rewrite GDB with it or an in memory fuzzer in just a few lines of code! There are many convenience methods for retrieving information from a target process such as heap and stack mappings, loaded libraries and much more. For example of what Ragweed can do see the Nerve project.

Ragweed works with Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 on 32bit WinXP, Win7, Linux 2.6 and OSX 10.6

You can install Ragweed by downloading the code manually or using Ruby gems.


gem install -r ragweed

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