Tool Release – ScoutSuite 5.11.0

We’re proud to announce the release of a new version of our open-source, multi-cloud auditing tool ScoutSuite (on Github)!

The most significant improvements and features added include:

  • Core
    • Improved CLI options, test coverage and some dependencies
  • AWS
    • Added new findings for multiple services
    • Bug fixes
    • Added ARNs for all resources
  • Azure
    • Added new findings
    • Bug fixes
  • GCP
    • New ruleset for GCP CIS version 1.1
    • Added support for multiple resources
    • Included a good number of new findings, most of which were added to the default ruleset
    • Bug fixes

Check out the Github page for additional information, as well as the wiki documentation!

For those wanting a Software-as-a-Service version, we also offer NCC Scout. This service includes persistent monitoring, as well as coverage of additional services across the three major public cloud platforms. If you would like to hear more, reach out to or visit our cyberstore!

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