Public Report – Pixel 4/4XL and Pixel 4a ioXt Audit

NCC Group was contracted by Google to conduct a security assessment of the Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, and Pixel 4a devices. This assessment was specifically focused on determining whether the devices comply with the ioXt Android Profile based on the ioXt Security Pledge. This assessment was performed between July 28 and August 7, 2020.

The Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, and Pixel 4a devices were assessed against the ioXt Android Profile, version 1.00.

NCC Group is proud to be an Authorized Lab for the ioXt Alliance, the Global Standard for IoT Security and the industry group dedicated to building confidence in Internet of Things products through multi-stakeholder security and privacy requirements, product compliance programs, and public transparency. Our hardware and embedded devices security experts provide third-party validation and testing of relevant products for the Alliance’s Certification Program, which ensures adherence to the recommended security practices. 

At Google’s request, we have made the report for this assessment public, and this report may be downloaded below.

For more information from Google, read their announcement here.

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