Technical Advisory: PDFTron JavaScript URLs Allowed in WebViewer UI (CVE-2021-39307)

Vendor: PDFTron
Vendor URL:
Versions affected: WebViewer UI 8.0 or below
Systems Affected: Web applications hosting the affected software
Author: Liyun Li <[at]nccgroup[dot]com>
CVE Identifier: CVE-2021-39307


PDFTron’s WebViewer UI 8.0 or below renders dangerous URLs as hyperlinks in supported documents, including JavaScript URLs, allowing the execution of arbitrary JavaScript code.


An attacker could steal a victim’s session tokens, log their keystrokes, steal private data, or perform privileged actions in the context of a victim’s session.


JavaScript URLs are dangerous because they can be used to execute arbitrary JavaScript code when visited. Built-in PDF readers in modern browsers, such as Mozilla’s pdf.js, do not render code-execution-capable URLs as hyperlinks to avoid this issue.

To reproduce this issue, first create the following HTML document and save the rendered content as PDF on a modern browser.

<h2><a href="javascript:document.write`
    <form method='GET' action=''>
      <input type='submit' value='NCC Group'>
`">Click me</a></h2>

After that, use the “d” parameter to include the uploaded PDF file (e.g. http://webviewer-instance/#d=https://domain.tld/test.pdf).

Support for rendering clickable JavaScript and Data URL should be removed.

Recommendation to Users

Upgrade WebViewer UI to 8.1, available at

Vendor Communication

2021-08-16: Issue reported to PDFTron
2021-08-17: PDFTron confirmed the vulnerability
2021-08-23: PDFTron issued patch to nightly build
2021-09-09: PDFTron WebViewer 8.1 released 
2021-09-14: Advisory released by NCC Group

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Published date:  September 14, 2021

Written by:  Liyun Li