Liyun Li

Tool Release – Project Kubescout: Adding Kubernetes Support to Scout Suite

tl;dr You can now have Scout Suite scan not only your cloud environments, but your Kubernetes clusters. Just have your kubeconfig ready and run the following commands: $ pip3 install --user $ scout kubernetes Background NCC Group’s Container Orchestration Security Service (COSS) practice regularly conducts Kubernetes cluster configuration reviews…

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Technical Advisory: PDFTron JavaScript URLs Allowed in WebViewer UI (CVE-2021-39307)

Summary PDFTron’s WebViewer UI 8.0 or below renders dangerous URLs as hyperlinks in supported documents, including JavaScript URLs, allowing the execution of arbitrary JavaScript code. Impact An attacker could steal a victim’s session tokens, log their keystrokes, steal private data, or perform privileged actions in the context of a victim’s…

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September 14, 2021

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