Neil Bergman

Whitepaper – Exploring the Security of KaiOS Mobile Applications

KaiOS is a mobile operating system, forked from the discontinued Firefox OS, in which all the mobile applications running on a KaiOS-based mobile device are built using web technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In this independent research project, we demonstrate that six of the pre-installed mobile applications are…

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August 24, 2020

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Technical Advisory – Multiple HTML Injection Vulnerabilities in KaiOS Pre-installed Mobile Applications

Multiple HTML injection vulnerabilities were found in several KaiOS mobile applications that are pre-installed on KaiOS mobile devices. The following vulnerabilities affected multiple KaiOS mobile devices: KaiOS Email Application HTML Injection (CVE-2019-14756) KaiOS Contacts Application HTML Injection (CVE-2019-14757) KaiOS File Manager Application HTML Injection (CVE-2019-14758) KaiOS Recorder Application HTML Injection…

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